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Temporary Register - Adelaide

Job No: TempRegAdelaide
Location: Adelaide, SA

This temporary register covers temporary positions in Adelaide.

Positions include but are not limited to:

Court Services and Judicial Support

  • Client Service Officers
  • Senior Client Service Officers
  • Case Co-ordinators
  • Court Officers
  • Associates
  • Deputy Associates
  • Legal Associates
  • Research Associates
  • Executive Assistants


  • Legal Case Managers
  • Registrars

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the below form, and then click next where you will be able to upload your CV and any other documents.

We recommend you re-apply every 6 months to ensure your most recent details are in the register.

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Privacy Acknowledgment

Conduct and Privacy Statement

The information provided by you is collected to assist the Federal Court of Australia (the entity) to determine your suitability for vacant positions.

You must not knowingly provide any false or misleading information in connection with your application and possible engagement. You must also not wilfully fail to disclose information that you know, or ought reasonably to have known, was relevant to the entity in making a decision to engage you. Additionally, you must behave honestly and with integrity in connection with your engagement. If you are found to have breached these legislative requirements in connection with your application and engagement in the Australian Public Service (APS), you are taken to have breached the APS Code of Conduct in accordance with subsection 15(2A) of the Public Service Act 1999 (the Act). If you are suspected of having engaged in such conduct prior to engagement, this may be investigated in accordance with the entities Procedures for Determining Breaches of the APS Code of Conduct and for Determining Sanctions made under subsection 15(3) of the Act. These procedures can be found on the Court’s intranet.

If you are found to have breached the APS Code of Conduct in the course of being engaged as an APS employee, sanctions may be imposed upon you including termination of employment. Details of the sanctions that can be imposed are outlined in section 15(1) of the Act.

Additional information, other than that provided by you in your application, may be sourced and considered for these purposes and may include information contained on social media sites, other websites, from referees and other relevant persons or organisations. Where the entity identifies information about you, and intends to take it into consideration, the entity will comply with the principle of procedural fairness. If the identified information is potentially adverse, you will be given an opportunity to verify that the information is about you and comment upon it within a reasonable period of time.

The information you provide, and other information the entity collects, will be treated in line with the Privacy Act 1988 and the entity’s privacy policy which can be found at

All information that you provide, including résumés, are uploaded via the internet and stored in this portal on an external web server controlled by Scout Talent. When you upload information to the portal it is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Your personal information can be accessed by you upon request. Relevant entity employees can also access it for the purposes it was provided. Access by the entity to your personal information is done via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which handles encryption in transit.

The entity may use and disclose some or all of the information collected to relevant parties for the purpose of determining your suitability for employment. Use of personal information in the possession, or under the control, of the entity will be in accordance with section 72E of the Public Service Act 1999.

By submitting an application, and if you are a preferred applicant, you agree to your identifying information, such as driver’s licence, passport, or certificates of birth, marriage, change of name or citizenship, being checked with the relevant issuer or official record holder. This will be done by the entity lodging with the Document Verification Service, the identifying information that you have provided. The Document Verification Service will match a document presented as proof of identity against those held by the originating agency.

Information submitted to and obtained by the entity may also be held in accordance with the Archives Act 1983.

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